What our customers say about us


Amy Rodriguez Buchér
I’ve worked with Janet both professionally, and as her patient, and would highly recommend Janet and her team of therapists. I have spent my career of 16 years in the health care field, and have found Janet and her team to have skills beyond what you find in the average therapist. They are not only knowledgeable, professional, and caring, but are innovative, progressive, intelligent, and have excellent communication skills. I was treated for a fractured and dislocated finger on my dominate hand and have healed to perfection. There is no doubt that I would not hesitate to seek Janet’s professional attention in the future. - Amy Bucher, Director of Operations, Marquis Companies.
Karla Shelley Johnson
Janet is the best hand therapist around. She is really helping me get back to normal after months of dealing with a broken wrist and sprained wrist.

"Quote from customer"

I broke my wrist 9/1/13 . I had to have surgery. Had a plate and screws so i had my hand/ wrist in a cast for some time. Because of that i couldn't move my wrist and could barely move my fingers. Thanks to Janet and her team I am almost back to where i was before the accident. I know before long i will be back riding my quad . Janet and her staff are very caring, gifted and compassionate. I could not recommend them any more highly. If you want someone who cares about you and knows how to make you better this is the place to go